Chanel Coat
L/S snapdown coat - autumn 2002 Size = 42 Designer = Chanel Color = Black Fabric = Wool Material =...
2 Button Blazer with Shoulder Pads with Velvet Detail
Leather A-Line Skirt with Button Detail
Chanel Boutique Women's Black/Gold L/S Shirt Dress
S/L Gown w/ Cutout Detail & Slits at Bottom
Koja Size XS Coats
Button Down Lamb Skin Coat W/ Side Pockets
2PC: L/S Jacket with Button Closure with Quilted Detail with A-Line Skirt
Long Halter Gown - Circa Spring 1995
2 PC Jacket and Skirt Set, Pencil Skirt w/ Knit Side Detail, High/Low Open Front Draped Jacket
Long Button Front Jacket w/ Draped Ruffle, HIgh Waisted Pant
2 Piece, Cargo Pocket Suit Vest, Pencil Skirt
One Shoulder Dress w/ Polkadot Pattern
Two Way Zip Up Hooded Puffer Jacket
3 PC Suit, 99A
A-Line Skirt with Metallic Silver Square Prints
3/4 Sleeve Drop-Waist Pleated-Front W/ Slip

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