Pair of Whippet Bronze Sculptures, Male and Female Item ID: 85412 Category: Accents
Daum Floor Lamp
$895.00 $1,400.00
Daum Amber Colored Lamp on Bronze Base c.1995 Item ID: 97688 Category: Floor Lamps
Pink Pony Hair Tray w/ Glass by Sawaya & Moroni Item ID: 104402 Category: Tabletop & Serveware
Signed 1954 Black Wedgewood Bowl Item ID: 104404 Category: Accents
Teena Stern Statue "Women in the Sun" Item ID: 105637  Category: Modern
19 c. French Round Jugs Item ID: 89601 Category: Accents
19 c. French Round Jugs Item ID: 89602 Category: Accents
Italian French Bull Dog w/ Gold Chain Item ID: 103825 Category: Accents
Dominican Women, Lime, Faceless Doll Item ID: 107652 Category: Accents
Silver Ceramic Elephant End Table Item ID: 107761 Category: Tables
Birks Sterling Flatware 80 pc...
$3,195.00 $3,995.00
Birks Sterling Flatware w/Mahogany Chest, 80 pieces Item ID: 106700 Category: Tabletop & Serveware
English Coat of Arms Sterling Spoons in Leather Case Item ID: 106702 Category: Tabletop & Serveware
Ben Watts "Teddy Boy" Portrait...
$2,100.00 $2,800.00
"Teddy Boy" Portrait by Ben Watts (Signed 7/8 Ltd. Ed.) c.2008 16"x20" Item ID: 108306 Category: Photography
English Delft Vase: 11.5"H Item ID: 100018 Category: Accents
Moser W. Herrmann, Bohemian Crystal Vase w/ top, Amathyst w/ gold  decoration Item ID: 102365 Category: Accents
Bronze Statue of Girl by...
$795.00 $1,200.00
LeBaiser Aug. Moreau, Late 19th Century Bronze Staue of Girl w/Green Marble Base Item ID: 107639 Category: Accents

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