What is Consignment?

A customer ("Consignor") brings a Consignment Store their goods to sell. Rather than being paid at the time the item is presented to the store, the store decides if the piece is a good fit for their market and sells the item on behalf of the client. Once the item is sold, the client receives a percentage of the sale, agreed upon at the time the item was originally consigned.



Premiere Service

As a well known business in NYC and the Hamptons, Collette associates truly care about their consignors and their items, not to mention fashion. The passion and excitement exudes through the ambiance through all stores, while we pioneer the latest technology online; and clientele the old fashioned way with a running request book,  one handbag at a time.

Leading Expertise

With 18 years of business knowledge and cultivating each store with the Collette feel, our knowledge staff is not only a great resource, we care about you and your collection. We're a team of driven fashion-obsessed sales professionals who will personally market your merchandise with our signature passion and professionalism.

Multi-Channel Reach

We employ a multi-platform sales approach including brick and mortar stores, social, e-commerce, 3rd party commerce, and personal shopping consultations.


Consigning at Collette is a pleasurable and easy process. There are several different ways to consign.  You can drop off at any one of our stores, arrange for an in-home appointment, or ship directly to us. Please contact nyc@colletteconsignment so we can begin answering any questions you may have.

For any furniture consignments please email with photographs of your item.

On average you will receive 50% of your consigned item’s sale price. You can choose to consign for credit and receive 65%.  For any prestige or collector’s items, we are able to make special arrangements.

We love items that are in excellent condition, so if something isn’t quite special enough or looks a little too loved we may decline it. Designer items are perfect for Collette, however we will also accept less than high end or contemporary brands as a courtesy. All merchandise must be clean, and in pristine wearable condition. Vintage is not our specialty, but we do make exceptions for some on-trend pieces. If you are unsure if your items meet our guidelines, please contact us.

Once we receive your items we will authenticate and value them. We price all the items at a price that is both fair to you and will ensure that they sell quickly. We will always take your input on pricing, so if there is a price you feel you just have to receive then let us know.  

We ask that you leave your items with us for a minimum of 90 days while we process them, place them in our stores, have them photographed and promoted. Items requested back in this time frame will incur a small charge. Please contact us if you have any questions at for any questions before consigning. We love to hear from you! Here are a few labels we love.


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